Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Evan had the best weekend ever. I want to say thanks to, Make A Wish thanks to Denis Anderson and Ryan Anderson. My son had the best weekend ever. Friday we drove to North Caroline to our hotel. We arrive to our hotel and it was nice. I new we was close to the beach but i didn't think our hotel was on the beach. The hotel was on the beach, and it had outdoor pool and indoor pool.  the kids was so happy they wanted to go outside to see the ocean. So we went out to the ocean and Evan loved and so did Hannah, Chy did care to much for it. So Evan got wet and sand all over him, and he was getting hot so i took him to the room and got him cooled off and cleaned up. The girls went swimming in the pool.
The next day was the big day for Evan. We had to get up early and the limo picked us up from the hotel.We got to Digger Dungeon and Evan was so excited. We went into the dinner to eat breakfast with Denis. After that he showed us around and we rode one of the monster trucks.They had a grand opening and it was the best. Evan saw the track and the saw the power wheel. He was ready to ride them. We saw Ryan and he took a picture of Evan. After Evan got done riding the power wheel  we went to the shop, and Evan was in heaven, he love all the trucks. He said i want this and i want this. So Evan did get a lot of stuff. So it was getting late and we had to get back to the hotel so we could get ready to go on the beach and see the wild horses.  Evan was hot and tired so we got cleaned up and rest for little bit. So we got to where we had to meet the people to take us for the ride. We got on the truck to go on the beach. We was on the beach and we saw the horse they was so pretty. We was on the beach riding around for two hours. Evan was getting so tired.
The next day was time to pack up and go home. Evan didn't want to go home. He said he have to go see Grave Digger again. So we did stop by there again. Evan had to get some more trucks. Evan had the best weekend, we all had the best weekend.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Evan got his new Catheter in Friday. They was going to put a bigger one in, but his skin around the SP Catheter wasn't looking to good so they didn't. When we go back in 4weeks they will but 18inch Catheter in, we are hopping this will work little better.
 He also got his blood check to, his iron level was still low. So he got iron infusion done to.. His HMG was 10 we was so happy. Evan has been getting iron infusion every 4 weeks and that has been keeping his HMG up. So we will go back in 4 weeks to get it checked again, and get another iron infusion. I hate that he has to get one done every 4 weeks but it keeps his blood up we will keep on doing it.

Evan skin is looking so much better, they changed his antibiotics. Evan had Staph and Step A in his sores. He was sick baby. He was so sore it hurt him to walk his legs was so bad.