Saturday, November 28, 2009

We had a good Thanksgiving it was so good to see the family. Evan had a good time to. Everyone was so glade to see us. We still didn't go see everyone, but we will see them at Christmas time. We where so busy.
He didn't eat nothing, he hasn't been eating. I guess when he gets hungry he will eat, i can't make him eat. But i know he needs to eat to make him heal and grow. What you do.
Evan had a bad night last night, i don't know what is wrong with him. He just starts to cry out alot, so he is in pain some where. I think his stomach is hurting him so bad, i cant wait to see the GI doctor, we was suppose to go last week. But Evan had surgery. So we go Dec. 16.
His noise wont stop bleeding either. I wish there was something i can do for his noise. When it bleeds it bleeds. I'm afraid he is going to get choked from all the blood. So we have blood everywhere,But that's okay. I will be wash blankets today. I just wish he would feel better.
Evan is trying to walk by his self he let go yesterday. But he got scared and fell down. I just can't believe it. I love it. I didn't think he would walk. He got some shoes and he still don't like them at all.
SO when you read this today. Say a prayer for my little guy today. So he will feel better.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Evan is doing good, better then last week. His mouth is looking good, know blister's. He is eating more YEA. I just don't know what to give him because he don't have no teeth now. He is a picking eater.
This morning he got up and said MOMMY and came to me and gave me a big huge, that just made my day. I just love it when he says mommy.
We are going to be traveling tomorrow to go to Granny's to eat, and see family. They just can't wait to see us. We don't go out much to see our family, its just to hard to get everything ready. But I'm glade we are going get out of the house for awhile. And eat some good food.
Evan is still trying to walk. His shoes came yesterday and he don't like them at all. I hope he gets use to them soon. He will walk in them and he does a good job.
Me and Evan went to Wal-mart yesterday so i can start Christmas shopping. So i went to the toys and Evan had so much fun, he was pointing to this toy and that toy. He loves trucks. So i did get some shopping done for my girls and got Evan a truck. When we left the toys he wasn't happy no more, so we had to go home.

Everyone have a good Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today we had a birthday party for Hannah she turn 4 today. I just can't believe it. My little girl is getting so big.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I took Evan to the doctor yesterday because of his fever. His doctor had to do a culture on his finger it looks really bad. So he said that's why he is having fever. So now i he have to wait for the culture to come back. He still not eating like he should, but he hasn't lost no weight so that's good. I hope he start to eat. It most be EB because i read about other EB baby and they are having the same problems.
Jonah isn't eating that good so we need to pray for him to eat. Jonah has JEB.
Evan noise is still really bad, i call the doctor about it. We go see the ENT doc soon.
I just wont to think everyone for everything. Just keep on praying for Evan, and Jonah he needs it to.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We are home now. Evan is doing okay now. They had to take 8 of his teeth 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom, and they cap two of his teeth. When they was working on his teeth a blister came up on the ruth of his month the doctor pop it, he didn't get know more blister in his month. He did get some blister on his body, but they aren't that bad. He has a fever now so i don't know why that is. So he needs a prayer that it goes away. So thank everyone for praying for him.
I hope he does okay this week with his month and don't get know blister in there.

Monday, November 16, 2009

update #2

Mandy again... Christina just called and Evan made it through surgery good, and is now in his room sleeping. She said the surgery went well, they took out 8 teeth, and capped his back two teeth. They also found a blister while they were working and were able to lance it, and hopefully it will heal fast. He pulled out his IV after he woke up, but they decided not to put one back in as long as he drank a little. She said he drank a cup of Gatorade, so hopefully he can keep that up. He'll stay in the hospital tonight, and if he drinks ok they will release him to come home. Your prayers helped a ton, but definately don't stop now! He will have a long road to recovery and will need your prayers!

Surgery Update

This is Mandy posting for Christina.
She just called me and said he was in surgery, and they told her it could take up to 3 hours for the surgery. They put him under before giving him his IV, and intubating him, so hopefully he is resting peacefully during the whole thing. The dentist saw on the Xray where his two eye teeth are in the same shape as his other teeth, but they aren't in far enough for them to remove them today. The plan is to cap his back teeth in hopes that will save them. I'll post more updates as Christina lets me know, but please please keep everyone in your prayers!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm getting stuff ready we are leaving Sunday morning to go to Cincinnati. Evan is having SURGERY Monday morning. So when you read this please say a prayer for him. He is getting his teeth worked on so i hope he does okay with it. All of his teeth are so bad, they are starting to hurt him, all he wont's to do is hold his mouth. So i hope this will fix one of his problem. I'm hoping after this he might eat better, that's what we are thinking.

Evan is doing good this week. He really wont's to walk he let go yesterday and then he went down. He is doing so good. Evan eating isn't good he just don't wont to eat. Yesterday he did eat a good dinner, i was so happy. His noise is still bad i wish there was something they could do for that.
I will let you Know how everything goes. Just remember to say a prayer for my son.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm taking Evan to the doctors to day. I was looking in his mouth last night and it didn't look right. so I'm getting the doctor to look at him. I hope it's nothing. His breathing is still the same. So we will get that check to. This EB stuff is driving me crazy. I hate EB.
When he is drink his milk now he gets choked alot, i don't know why that is. We go see the GI doctor on the 17 so I'm happy about that.
Evan sleep all night last night i was so glade. So i got some sleep last night. I feel like a new women to day.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

We need to pray for my little friend Landon he has the flue bug. When he comes to my house he likes to get in my walker, its so funny. Landon please get better soon.
Love Evan.

Evan is doing some better now, his breathing isn't as bad. He isn't eating like he should i wish he would eat. I don't wont him to loss any weight. We go see the GI doc Nov.17 . So hopeful he can give me some tips so he will eat.

We are going to go see some family today in Staunton. So we can get out of the house today, I'm so glade. It's going to be nice today. Evan should have a good time. I know mommy will.
Evan got his hair cute. He didn't like it.
He looks so cute with his hair cute.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Evan's breathing isn't been that good this week. He is breathing is really hard and i don't like it. I took him to the doctor the other day and he told me to do some breathing treatments on him. so I'm doing that, and let me tell you Evan don't like them at all.

Evan still don't wont to eat that good. But he loves to drink his milk. So i guess that is good for him so he is getting something in him.

He is getting so big now. He fights me now to take a nap but he has to have nap. Bath time now is getting really bad. He hates a bath. He use to love a bath. So now i hate bath time he fights me and he cry and i hate that. I wish i had some one to help with bath time but i don't. But that's okay i get it done. He likes to get in his basket and take everything out and then he puts everything back in, so that keeps him busy for awhile.

Evan is a mommy's boy so bad. He don't wont to stay with no one just mommy. But you know what i love it, i enjoy every min with him. His sister get really upset with him bc he is such a mommy's boy. But we all have fun together. some days are not that good but mommy's deals with it. Evan don't like mommy to play with his sister, and the girls don't like me playing with there brother. So we all try to do something to gather.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween