Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Evan and Hannah

Evan is trying to walk now he is doing so good.

Evan is doing okay he still have problems going to the bathroom, I had to take him the urology Monday the doc had to move the skin away so he could go to the bathroom. I wish they would do something for him.

He is trying to walk I can't believe it. He said mommy for the first time I'm so happy. He says mommy, Daddy , bye bye, hot i cant believe it that he is saying so much now.

Friday, October 23, 2009

We are having a Longaberger Bingo for my son Evan.
Sunday November 1,09
Covington Moose Lodge 2:00
Door opens at 1:00
20 games with lots of door prizes food available
This fundraiser is being done to help defray medical cost relating his disease

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The trees was so pretty on the way to Cincinnatia.. I love fall

On the way to Cincinnati

Friday, October 16, 2009

I had to take Evan to Cincinnati this week. Will we got good news and bad news. The good new is that is airway is clear. His noise is worrying us the Doctor gave me some steroid cream to put on it and hope is helps he said that his noise can close up, i don't wont that. He did have some blister in his month and his throat. We seen the eye doctor there to and Evan has some scaring in his eyes so now i have to put eye drops in his eyes every night now to help his eyes. We also seen the dentist and they said his teeth are decayed, they are going to talk to the EB doctors and see what they think, but he said when we come back to Cincinnati in 4 months he will have surgery done on his teeth. We saw the EB team and they looked at Evan. The doctor there looked at his penis they gave me some steroid cream to put on it to see if that will keep it open he hope it does. We have to keep and watch on his weight he isn't gaining any weight we don't wont him to lose any of his weight. I talk to them about Evan walking it will be a while before he walk they said he isn't ready to walk yet. His legs aren't that strong yet but they said they will get strong.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Evan is getting sick. His noise is running and he has a bad cough. He was up all night last night. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow i hope they are open. His penis is not looking bad so i guess i will be call the doctor about that to. He isn't going to the bathroom right. I wish November would get hear so we can get to Cincinnati so the doctors up there can see him. His doctor is good, but the doctor in Cincinnati no more about EB. So Evan needs everyone to pray for him so he will get better.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The kids loved ride this is was there favorite thing
That is Hannah, Chyanne, lucas
Oh mommy

Evan on the wagon ride he loved.
That's my mommy
That i love so much
Thats my sister's Hannah an Chy

Evan at the pumpkin patch
He loved it he was the best lil thing

Friday, October 2, 2009

Evan is doing okay. I had to take him back to the doctor yesterday one of is wounds was looking bad. So they did a culture on it. So now we are waiting to see what it says. Today he don't feel good, he has been sleeping a lot and just laying around a lot. So i hope its nothing.
He don't take a bottle no more i didn't take it away he did it his self. He likes his cup, and doing good with it.
Evan is try to walk but his legs get tired. He walk around the chairs he dose good. When its bath time now he knows and he don't like it now. When give him a bath he cry when he gets out of the bath and its time to wrap him he gets really mad. It takes to people now to wrap him. I cant do by myself no more.