Friday, October 16, 2009

I had to take Evan to Cincinnati this week. Will we got good news and bad news. The good new is that is airway is clear. His noise is worrying us the Doctor gave me some steroid cream to put on it and hope is helps he said that his noise can close up, i don't wont that. He did have some blister in his month and his throat. We seen the eye doctor there to and Evan has some scaring in his eyes so now i have to put eye drops in his eyes every night now to help his eyes. We also seen the dentist and they said his teeth are decayed, they are going to talk to the EB doctors and see what they think, but he said when we come back to Cincinnati in 4 months he will have surgery done on his teeth. We saw the EB team and they looked at Evan. The doctor there looked at his penis they gave me some steroid cream to put on it to see if that will keep it open he hope it does. We have to keep and watch on his weight he isn't gaining any weight we don't wont him to lose any of his weight. I talk to them about Evan walking it will be a while before he walk they said he isn't ready to walk yet. His legs aren't that strong yet but they said they will get strong.

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