Friday, July 31, 2009

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Evan is having a bad week again. He needs everyone to pray for him. He isn't eating that good this week, his month is hurting him. His eye is still hurting him to. I took him back to the doctor today, because his penis was close he couldn't go to the bathroom. So they had to open it up again, that just hurts me when they do that. He hasn't been sleeping at all, so i hope to night he sleeps. His noise is looking bad again to. All i can do is hold him an try to make him happy.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I took Evan to the eye doctor yesterday they said to keep on putting the eye drops in his eye. His eye looks a little better. He was up all night last night I don't no what's wrong with him. I think he just wont's mommy all the time I put him in my bed this morning and he wont on to sleep for awhile. He is Mommy's boy. I found Evan a Dentist so I can't wait to get him there so they can look at his teeth, I hope they can do something for him.
Evan is trying to stand on his own i can't believe it. He is pulling his self up an having so much fun with it. He is cooing more. When the PT comes back over she is going to have a cow. They will be so happy for him. He is a fighter nothing going to stop him.
Evan just got out of the bath tube getting ready to get wrapped up. He was so tired. So that made it a little better to get him wrap up. It is getting harder to wrap him now he likes to help mommy and take everything off.
I think Mommy's gets mad.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I everyone Evan is doing okay. Evan has lost his toe nail, and his finger nail. He still is crawling an its not hurting his skin I'm so glad. Evan's eye is still hurting him we go back to the eye doctor tomorrow so i hope they can do something for him. He does not like the light at all. His teeth are getting bad to, so now I'm trying to fine a dentist for him. That's has been hard to do know one will take his insurance. He is eating good he is up to 22 pounds what a big boy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is me and my girls we went to Kings Dominion. We wish Evan could have came but it was to hot for him. When he gets bigger we will take him.

Hannah loves Dora she was so happy to see her. Her room is in Dora. She did give Dora a hug I couldn't believe she did that.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Evan is not feeling good, he was up all night last night just crying. His eye is hurting him so bad. He is getting new blisters on him. I think its because he is going every where. He is into everything now. He loves going into the kitchen an playing with cabinets.
I had to take him back to the eye doctor they said that his eye didn't have so scaring in it. I have to keep eye drops in his eye. So i hope that will help. His fingernails is almost off, i wish it would just come on off. They look so bad. He is making new sounds so that makes me so happy.
So just keep on praying for my little man he needs it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Evan crawled in the kitchen, he was trying to get in the cabinets.

Hi everyone we had a good 4 of July hope everyone else did to. Evan is feel so much better he had a good weekend. I was so glade to see him happy an feeling so much better. We watch the fireworks he watch some of them, they didn't scare him at all.

Evan is crawling every where he isn't getting no blister so I hope that stay like that. His fingers are still hurting him so I keep them wrapped up now. He don' t mine it now.

I took my girls to Kings Dominion Monday we didn't take Evan b/c it was to hot for him. So his granny kept him. He didn't do good at all. This was the first time i have left him and he wanted his mommy. He wouldn't take no naps he was so tired. We didn't get home until 12:oo an Evan was still up. I walked in the door he was so happy he came to his mommy an i couldn't put him down we played on the floor. I couldn't go know where he had to come with me. He didn't go to bed that night until 2:00 an he had to sleep with me. So now on I won't go no where with out him. He is Mommy's boy.