Friday, August 27, 2010

Evan has had a rough week again. Evan hasn't been feeling good again. I took him to the doctor yesterday to check his iron level is was 7.2. So went to the hospital to day and they gave him a blood transfusion he did so good. I was so happy, he stayed in the bed all day, and he played with his toys. He watch TV, he was the best little boy. Now he looks so much better. I hope this makes him feel better, and some of his wounds heal.
Evan still not eating I'm so worried about it, I'm going to talk to them about the G Tub. I'm afraid he isn't getting what he needs.
He is still having problems with his peeing. He is having a hard time again. I did open him up to day, but i don't think it's going to work.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Evan has had a rough weekend. He got up Friday morning and he couldn't open his eye. I new what was wrong he had corneal abrasion. So the weekend came and he got worse. He couldn't open it at all so all weekend long i had to hold him. It was bad. I was going to go crazy because he was just cry and cry and say mommy mommy. There was nothing i could do for him. So Monday we got into the eye doctor and he had the corneal abrasion so he gave us some drops for it. He said if no better by Friday bring him back. To day is Wednesday night and he has his eye open all the way and he is feeling better. I'm so happy.
His peeing problem is doing okay for now. I'm not saying much about it because every time i do he has problems.
His breathing is still the same. When he gets hot he has problems with his breathing.
I took him to the doctor to Monday and his toes are infected. So he is on antibiotic again. Now he is on antibiotic he is going to have the yest problems.
Evan still not eating like he should but let me tell you he is 27 pounds. I can't believe it.
Evan will be two years old this time next month. Where did the time go. I just cant believe it he has came along ways. He is such a fighter. What to do for his birthday. He don't need no toys and he don't need nothing. So i think i'm going to tell everyone to give money and the money is going to go to the Debra to help fine research for EB. So they can fine a cure for EB.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Evan tractor that his granddaddy got him.