Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Evan is doing good. He is having a lot of blister but i think its the heat, its starting to get warm and his body don't like it. He has alot of blisters in his head he has never had that bad in his head. His toes is looking some what better i unwrap them at night and its working. His toes are staying to moist and they wont heal, so at night i unwrap them.
We went to see the GI doctor yesterday and it went okay. He is worried about his iron. I'm having a hard time getting Evan to take his iron med he takes it but not all of it. he gets sick and it comes out. He said Evan looks good and he is doing good. So that's good. We like to hear that. Evans labs came back and is iron was really low so I'm glade we got the iron infusion done. His vit. D was high so we had to stop his Vitim D med. So that was good one less med i have to give him.

We are ready for Easter. We are going to church Saturday for the Easter egg hunt. Evan is going to have so much fun. I'm going to let him fine some eggs we will love it. i will take lots of pic.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Me and Evan at the zoo

Evan in the hospital after his surgery.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We are home from Cincinnati. I'm so glade. Evan did good. We got good news. We saw the eye doctor up there, and he help me out. They told me to do some different stuff so I'm going to try and see if that helps. ENT doctor said there's nothing that we can do for his noise so that was upsetting. But that's okay. He did give us some drops to but in his noise, so maybe that will help.
He had surgery Friday and he did good. He got some blister on his arm from the IV, but we new that. His teeth they did cap two of his teeth, they didn't take any out this time so that ways good.
They check his blood levels and his iron was still low. So Evan got and iron infusion. He did good with that to.
Evan just amazes me. He is so strong and I'm so glade.

There is some one that i have to say thanks to. She came and seen us when we was at Cincinnati. She just made my day for someone i didn't no came and saw me and my son. THANK YOU SO MUCH BLANA you didn't have to do that. And thanks for the card. You just don't no what that means to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

We are home and I'm so glade and so is Evan he missed his sister. and i missed my girls so much. When we got home it was so nice we play outside and had so much fun.

When we was in Cincinnati we went to the zoo Evan loved all the animals. I have some picture i will put on hear.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm trying to get stuff packed up, we are going to Cincinnati tomorrow for a couple days. Evan is going to see the EB team and some other doctors. He has surgery on Friday on his teeth. I have to pack so much stuff. Evan is feeling so much better, he still not eating like he should. His eye is looking so much better. His skin is looking better to. So i will keep everyone updated of what going on with him.
Im going to miss my girls when im gone.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Evan wearing his hate that his grandaddy got him. He loves his hate.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Will Evan has been really sick. I had to take him back to the doctor Monday they put him back on antibiotic for his sores they where getting bad, and they had alot of yellow stuff coming out of them. So yesterday we was back at the doctor because Evan would not get up at all. He sleep all day Tuesday Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. So we went and got his blood taking. And his HMG is low. It was 8.1 so that's why he is sleep alot. So we will have to watch that now. Evan still not eating he hasn't had nothing to eat in 2 days. He don't wont to eat. He is drinking. The antibiotic is clearing his sores up so i hope he will start to feel better. He has been up today playing some. So IBM happy about that.
Now is eye is bad i don't no what happen to it. It is hurting him and it red and swollen. He had a blister on his eye lid so i guess he rubbed his eye and made it sore. My little man just can't win for nothing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Evan is not feeling good again. He has had a small fever for two days. His noise is runny and his eyes are watering bad. So i guess he just has an nasty cold. So pray that is don't get no worse then what it is now. His noise is really bad now. I don't no what do with his noise. I told the doctor i needed help with his noise. We go to Cincinnati March 17 18. So maybe they can do something for his noise. So if any one knows what i could do i would love some help. His noise is so raw and it's bleeds so much. He is also holding his back and his head and i don't know why. He is crying when he hold his back. Evan toes are looking some what better now.

Blanca... email me and i will give you what you need to no. My email is