Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Evan is doing good. He is having a lot of blister but i think its the heat, its starting to get warm and his body don't like it. He has alot of blisters in his head he has never had that bad in his head. His toes is looking some what better i unwrap them at night and its working. His toes are staying to moist and they wont heal, so at night i unwrap them.
We went to see the GI doctor yesterday and it went okay. He is worried about his iron. I'm having a hard time getting Evan to take his iron med he takes it but not all of it. he gets sick and it comes out. He said Evan looks good and he is doing good. So that's good. We like to hear that. Evans labs came back and is iron was really low so I'm glade we got the iron infusion done. His vit. D was high so we had to stop his Vitim D med. So that was good one less med i have to give him.

We are ready for Easter. We are going to church Saturday for the Easter egg hunt. Evan is going to have so much fun. I'm going to let him fine some eggs we will love it. i will take lots of pic.

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  1. I think your boy is precious. I have been folowing your blog for a while now and thought I would come out and say HI!!!! Im glad Evan is doing better.