Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We didn't have to go to Cincinnati after all. The ENT in Roanoke checked his airway. His airway is good, his vocal cords are swollen a little and his larynx are swollen. So the good news is no trach. The trach is the last thing i wont. The hard breathing is because of his vocal cords. He did good when they scoop him. Now we need to get his teeth out, and i think he will be okay.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Evan has to go to Cininnati tomorrow. Thursday the ENT doctor is going in to look in his airway. Evan is still having some problems with his breathing. They are talking about putting a trach in him. So everyone say prayer for him. I really don't wont the trach, but i guess if its going to help. I will do it.
Evan is doing okay he has wounds that aren't healing. His teeth are still hurting him. We are suppose to have surgery on them Thursday but we have to get his airway check first. So when we get back home the dentist in Richmond will do his teeth.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I took Evan to Richmond yesterday to meet another dentist. He was wonderful. So we was there all day yesterday, to get Evan ready for surgery. Everyone there was nice. Evan is having surgery on the 30 of this month. They are going to fix his teeth or take them out. They don't know what they are going to do until he is under. He wouldn't set still so they could look in his mouth, and they didn't wont to cause no more blistering or tear of his skin. So he said just wait until he is out. So i cant wait until his teeth are fix. I no he will feel so much better. We was at the hospital all day yesterday and Evan was so good. He was so tired on the way home he sleep and it was a 3hr drive, we came home he played with his sisters. Then i gave him a bath and did his dressing changes. He was back to sleep at 9:oo and sleep all night. I was so glade.

Evan is doing good. He still eats when he wont's to. He is 26 pounds the doctors said that is good. We are going to Cincinnati October the 14 to see all the doctor up there. Evan toes are still hurting him and they still wont heal. I just don't no what to do for him there. He is really talking now. I cant believe he is putting words together i love it. I didn't think he would talk.

So on the 30 everyone say a prayer for him for his surgery that everything goes okay.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I can't believe Evan is 2. He has had a rough two years. But he is strong and he is a fighter. We are going to fine a cure for this illness. We are having him a party today at pizza hut. He loves pizza. So we are going to have some Friends and family there.
He is doing pretty good right now. His teeth are still hurting him. We are going to Richmond Wednesday to meet a dentist. Cincinnati wouldn't take his insurance so they helped me fine a dentist in VA. So when we go Wednesday I hope they can fix his teeth soon.
He is eating good right now. So i hope he keeps on eating like he is.
He still has sores that just wont heal. His hips are so bad and his diaper are is so bad. His toes are still not healing.
It is getting cooler outside now. So we can go out and play. But we still cant stay out long because of the bugs are so bad. So we just cant win for nothing. We went to the park the other day and he had so much fun. But all the little kids was just looking at him. They wouldn't stop looking. How do you tell little kids about Evan. They don't understand. But we just kept on playing. Evan was trying to play with some of them but they wouldn't play with him. That was so sad. I hate to see when he gets older what people will say or do. But i know people just don't no about this terrible illness. Evan's face is the worsted on him and i wish it wasn't. But it will be okay.

Monday, September 6, 2010

It has been a good week for Evan. I got sick Wednesday vomiting. So Evan went to his grandmas so he wouldn't get it. I'm so glade he didn't get it. I thought i was going to die.

Anyway Saturday we had a little party for Evan for some of my family, because they are going to the beach and wont be hear for his birthday. We had his party at the park. Evan had so much fun he open his presents and had a good time. He favorite toy was his truck. He has every truck you can think of. Then we went over to the ducks he just loved them. Then we went to ride the train. At first he didn't like the train. Then he saw the other little kids there and he did okay. So we got on the train and he loved it. I wish i had some pictures.

Evan finally started to eat, I'm so glade. He still not eating like he should. His teeth are really giving him a hard time. We go to Cincinnati on the 14 to get his 8 teeth fixed. They wont to cap them but i told them no, because it's going to cost me 2thousands dollars. If they take them out it's not going to cost 2thousand dollars. I have to pay for this out of my pocket. I don't understand. So when he gets his teeth fix i hope he will eat.