Friday, April 29, 2011

Evan still has UTI. I have to give him Gentamcin and put it into his Catheter twice daily. This is no fun at all. I have to do this for awhile now. He hasn't been feeling good. He has been laying around alot and playing with his trucks. His Catheter really hurts him to, his bowls still are hurting him to. He stays really tired. The doctors in Cincinnati called me the other day and told me when we come back up there he has to have another blood transfusion. His blood is still low. I guess that's one of his problems to. They said he might have to have it done every month to get it back up.
He is having alot of new blister coming on him. I guess it the weather doing it. This summer is going to be bad. He loves it outside and he wont be able to play. He will have to watch his sister out there.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Evan had surgery last Wednesday it went good. They changed out his catheter, Then Dentist said his teeth look okay. We don't no why his teeth are hurting him. His adult teeth are starting to come in, so maybe that's what he feels. Evan's eyes are doing okay, but they are worried about them. He cant close his eyes and because of that it is making his eye dry. If his eyes are dry they will scare. So the eye doctor going to talk to another eye doctor. Its so hard for me to get eye drops in his eye, with his eye lids all ready have sores on them i cant touch it. At night time i do lubricate his eye really good. I don't wont him to have problems with his eyes. He don't need that right now. They did check Evan's iron and it was still low. So they had to do another iron infusion. They will check his iron again in a couple months, to see if he need another one.

Evan is getting alot of blisters. His legs are getting bad, and he is getting some blister on his hands. I don't no why he is getting on his hands. I don't like that.

Yesterday i had to take Evan to the doctor. When we got home from Cincinnati last Thursday Evan was fine. But that Saturday he wasn't. He was in alot of pain, and Sunday he was in pain. So it kept on. So finally i called the doctor told them i was bring Evan in. They check him over everything looked good. So they check his urine and he has UTI. They are going to send his Urine to the lad to do more test on it. I new there was something wrong. I wish he could pee right, but maybe one day.

Monday, April 11, 2011

It's in the 80's to day and its to hot for Evan to be outside. Its going to be long summer, but I'm ready for summer. Evan has a little cold right now. I hope it don't get no worse, or he wont have his surgery Wednesday. He is having surgery Wednesday at 12:15. His teeth is really hurting him now, so i hope they take the rest of them out. If they take these out he wont have no teeth at all, but i know he will feel so much pain. Evan has to get his catheter change out to, i just wish he would pee out of his little boy part so he wont have his catheter no more. The catheter hurts him so bad sometimes. But he can pee with out pain now. So just say prayer for Evan on Wednesday. PLEASE.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It was so nice outside Monday Evan got to play outside. He loved it he played out there all day long. He loves riding his power wheel Jeep. He was the best little man Monday. He was in some pain but he still played out there like nothing was wrong. His Catheter is really hurting him right now, He is getting it change out on the 13. I have to go.