Friday, April 29, 2011

Evan still has UTI. I have to give him Gentamcin and put it into his Catheter twice daily. This is no fun at all. I have to do this for awhile now. He hasn't been feeling good. He has been laying around alot and playing with his trucks. His Catheter really hurts him to, his bowls still are hurting him to. He stays really tired. The doctors in Cincinnati called me the other day and told me when we come back up there he has to have another blood transfusion. His blood is still low. I guess that's one of his problems to. They said he might have to have it done every month to get it back up.
He is having alot of new blister coming on him. I guess it the weather doing it. This summer is going to be bad. He loves it outside and he wont be able to play. He will have to watch his sister out there.

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