Thursday, April 21, 2011

Evan had surgery last Wednesday it went good. They changed out his catheter, Then Dentist said his teeth look okay. We don't no why his teeth are hurting him. His adult teeth are starting to come in, so maybe that's what he feels. Evan's eyes are doing okay, but they are worried about them. He cant close his eyes and because of that it is making his eye dry. If his eyes are dry they will scare. So the eye doctor going to talk to another eye doctor. Its so hard for me to get eye drops in his eye, with his eye lids all ready have sores on them i cant touch it. At night time i do lubricate his eye really good. I don't wont him to have problems with his eyes. He don't need that right now. They did check Evan's iron and it was still low. So they had to do another iron infusion. They will check his iron again in a couple months, to see if he need another one.

Evan is getting alot of blisters. His legs are getting bad, and he is getting some blister on his hands. I don't no why he is getting on his hands. I don't like that.

Yesterday i had to take Evan to the doctor. When we got home from Cincinnati last Thursday Evan was fine. But that Saturday he wasn't. He was in alot of pain, and Sunday he was in pain. So it kept on. So finally i called the doctor told them i was bring Evan in. They check him over everything looked good. So they check his urine and he has UTI. They are going to send his Urine to the lad to do more test on it. I new there was something wrong. I wish he could pee right, but maybe one day.

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