Thursday, September 16, 2010

I took Evan to Richmond yesterday to meet another dentist. He was wonderful. So we was there all day yesterday, to get Evan ready for surgery. Everyone there was nice. Evan is having surgery on the 30 of this month. They are going to fix his teeth or take them out. They don't know what they are going to do until he is under. He wouldn't set still so they could look in his mouth, and they didn't wont to cause no more blistering or tear of his skin. So he said just wait until he is out. So i cant wait until his teeth are fix. I no he will feel so much better. We was at the hospital all day yesterday and Evan was so good. He was so tired on the way home he sleep and it was a 3hr drive, we came home he played with his sisters. Then i gave him a bath and did his dressing changes. He was back to sleep at 9:oo and sleep all night. I was so glade.

Evan is doing good. He still eats when he wont's to. He is 26 pounds the doctors said that is good. We are going to Cincinnati October the 14 to see all the doctor up there. Evan toes are still hurting him and they still wont heal. I just don't no what to do for him there. He is really talking now. I cant believe he is putting words together i love it. I didn't think he would talk.

So on the 30 everyone say a prayer for him for his surgery that everything goes okay.


  1. He is so darn cute! Love the video you posted. Will defiantly say an extra prayer for him. Sending you guys all my love and prayers. Always in my thoughts Evan love you.