Thursday, March 4, 2010

Evan is not feeling good again. He has had a small fever for two days. His noise is runny and his eyes are watering bad. So i guess he just has an nasty cold. So pray that is don't get no worse then what it is now. His noise is really bad now. I don't no what do with his noise. I told the doctor i needed help with his noise. We go to Cincinnati March 17 18. So maybe they can do something for his noise. So if any one knows what i could do i would love some help. His noise is so raw and it's bleeds so much. He is also holding his back and his head and i don't know why. He is crying when he hold his back. Evan toes are looking some what better now.

Blanca... email me and i will give you what you need to no. My email is

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