Thursday, March 11, 2010

Will Evan has been really sick. I had to take him back to the doctor Monday they put him back on antibiotic for his sores they where getting bad, and they had alot of yellow stuff coming out of them. So yesterday we was back at the doctor because Evan would not get up at all. He sleep all day Tuesday Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. So we went and got his blood taking. And his HMG is low. It was 8.1 so that's why he is sleep alot. So we will have to watch that now. Evan still not eating he hasn't had nothing to eat in 2 days. He don't wont to eat. He is drinking. The antibiotic is clearing his sores up so i hope he will start to feel better. He has been up today playing some. So IBM happy about that.
Now is eye is bad i don't no what happen to it. It is hurting him and it red and swollen. He had a blister on his eye lid so i guess he rubbed his eye and made it sore. My little man just can't win for nothing.

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