Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hi everyone we had a good 4 of July hope everyone else did to. Evan is feel so much better he had a good weekend. I was so glade to see him happy an feeling so much better. We watch the fireworks he watch some of them, they didn't scare him at all.

Evan is crawling every where he isn't getting no blister so I hope that stay like that. His fingers are still hurting him so I keep them wrapped up now. He don' t mine it now.

I took my girls to Kings Dominion Monday we didn't take Evan b/c it was to hot for him. So his granny kept him. He didn't do good at all. This was the first time i have left him and he wanted his mommy. He wouldn't take no naps he was so tired. We didn't get home until 12:oo an Evan was still up. I walked in the door he was so happy he came to his mommy an i couldn't put him down we played on the floor. I couldn't go know where he had to come with me. He didn't go to bed that night until 2:00 an he had to sleep with me. So now on I won't go no where with out him. He is Mommy's boy.

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