Thursday, November 5, 2009

Evan's breathing isn't been that good this week. He is breathing is really hard and i don't like it. I took him to the doctor the other day and he told me to do some breathing treatments on him. so I'm doing that, and let me tell you Evan don't like them at all.

Evan still don't wont to eat that good. But he loves to drink his milk. So i guess that is good for him so he is getting something in him.

He is getting so big now. He fights me now to take a nap but he has to have nap. Bath time now is getting really bad. He hates a bath. He use to love a bath. So now i hate bath time he fights me and he cry and i hate that. I wish i had some one to help with bath time but i don't. But that's okay i get it done. He likes to get in his basket and take everything out and then he puts everything back in, so that keeps him busy for awhile.

Evan is a mommy's boy so bad. He don't wont to stay with no one just mommy. But you know what i love it, i enjoy every min with him. His sister get really upset with him bc he is such a mommy's boy. But we all have fun together. some days are not that good but mommy's deals with it. Evan don't like mommy to play with his sister, and the girls don't like me playing with there brother. So we all try to do something to gather.

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