Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Evan is doing good, better then last week. His mouth is looking good, know blister's. He is eating more YEA. I just don't know what to give him because he don't have no teeth now. He is a picking eater.
This morning he got up and said MOMMY and came to me and gave me a big huge, that just made my day. I just love it when he says mommy.
We are going to be traveling tomorrow to go to Granny's to eat, and see family. They just can't wait to see us. We don't go out much to see our family, its just to hard to get everything ready. But I'm glade we are going get out of the house for awhile. And eat some good food.
Evan is still trying to walk. His shoes came yesterday and he don't like them at all. I hope he gets use to them soon. He will walk in them and he does a good job.
Me and Evan went to Wal-mart yesterday so i can start Christmas shopping. So i went to the toys and Evan had so much fun, he was pointing to this toy and that toy. He loves trucks. So i did get some shopping done for my girls and got Evan a truck. When we left the toys he wasn't happy no more, so we had to go home.

Everyone have a good Thanksgiving

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