Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm getting stuff ready we are leaving Sunday morning to go to Cincinnati. Evan is having SURGERY Monday morning. So when you read this please say a prayer for him. He is getting his teeth worked on so i hope he does okay with it. All of his teeth are so bad, they are starting to hurt him, all he wont's to do is hold his mouth. So i hope this will fix one of his problem. I'm hoping after this he might eat better, that's what we are thinking.

Evan is doing good this week. He really wont's to walk he let go yesterday and then he went down. He is doing so good. Evan eating isn't good he just don't wont to eat. Yesterday he did eat a good dinner, i was so happy. His noise is still bad i wish there was something they could do for that.
I will let you Know how everything goes. Just remember to say a prayer for my son.

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