Sunday, January 16, 2011

This year is starting off bad. We all got the flu. Evan is still having problems peeing. So we went to Cincinnati January 13 to change out Evans tube on his catheter. He had to get his airway check. His airway isn't getting no better the ENT doctor said he isn't going to look no more. Unless he gets where he cant breath.
So on the way home from Cincinnati he did good that night he couldn't pee at all. There was no pee in his bag at all. He was just cry he was white as a ghost. He scared me so much that night. I just had to keep on flushing his catheter out and finally after 3hrs he pee a little. I'm calling the doctor this week and telling them that this catheter isn't working. He still have some problems peeing. There has to be something else that they can do.
Evan is doing okay. He cant play to hard because of his breathing he get so choked up when he gets hot. He loves playing with his truck so he plays in the floor alot with his trucks or his blocks.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear this news! I will keep him in my prayers every day. Please when you come back here let me know I would love to see you guys. Blanca, Columbus Ohio.