Friday, July 15, 2011

July 11 Evan had to get another catheter put in. He is having hard time with the catheter. It is getting clogged up all the time now or he is keeping UTI. His eyes have been bad to. He hasn't been able to open them all week.

Next week are going to Cincinnati to see and eye doctor. Evan has to have some test done to. We have a meeting with the urology to, talk about what the next step is going to be.

Evan is so sore if you touch him he hurts. He is getting all kinds of new blisters. His arms still blistering up. If i wrap them they get more blister so i don't wrap his arms. His feet hurt to he don't wont to wear shoes no more.

He has been laying around alot. He does get up and play with his sister for awhile then he will lay back down. Its so hard on him he wont's to do what his sisters do.

I love summer but I'm ready for fall. Evan wont's to go outside, but it has been to HOT. So we have been staying in alot.

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