Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Evan has been doing pretty good. He hasn't been sleeping that good. But he keeps on grabbing his penis and telling me it hurts. So i new he was getting another UTI. His pee started to get dark so i took him to the doctor so they can check it and he has nother UTI. I just don't understand why he keeps on getting one. So that is making him feel little bad, but he is doing OK.

He hasn't been able to play outside because it has been to hot. Today was little cooler so i took him and the girls to the fair. My cousin was going so we met us up there. Evan had so much fun. He loves the rides. We had alot of people looking at him and talking. But i just went on and didn't look or say nothing. I know my little man looks different but he is the cutest thing ever.

We are getting all of his doctor appointments together for next month in Cincinnati. He is going to see all kinds of doctors, we have 3 days of doctors. I wont Evans eyes to heal up some they are looking so bad. And at night time he cant close the left one no more. I'm hoping they can do something.

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