Friday, September 30, 2011

                                                       Evan walking into school
                             He is washing his hands before he goes into the class room
                                                       His 2nd day of school
                                                             he loves it

                                        3rd day of school. It was Teddy bear day.
Evan and his doggy. Love the smile

Evan really likes school. He goes two days a week, 3 hours day.  Getting Evan there and me leaving him is still hard he does cry. I stay out in the hall way to make sure he is going to be okay. The teachers come out and says he is just fine. When i go pick him up he is so happy and he tells me he loves it and he had so much fun.  I'm still scared to send him its flu time. But if there is alot of kids out sick we wont send him that week. He likes school so i think he should go and have fun. He needs to have fun. 

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