Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Evan had to go to UVA today to get his SP Catheter changed out. He did good until we was on the way home. He started to get sick and his stomach was hurting him really bad. When we got home he got sick. He finally is asleep now but he isn't drinking nothing. So i called the doctor they going to give him something for his belly, so he will be able to drink. I hate when my baby is sick. His catheter is irritating his bladder so he is having some blood in his pee. I hope it stops soon.

I took Evan to UVA last week to get his iron check it was still low. So he got iron another infusion done. His blood work looked a lot better then it has before. So that is good news. Its still not as good as it should be.

Evan had his graduation for nursery school. I can't believe it is all over now. He did so good and he has learn so much from being there. He loves his teachers, they was so good to  him to. I will put him there next year to. My little man is getting so big. I want to say thanks to all of his teachers for being so good to him and taking good care of him. I no he was lot of work sometimes but you all did great job.

The weather hear this weekend is to hot. Evan can't go outside and he loves it out there. I hope it cools down so he can play outside.

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