Sunday, June 24, 2012

Evan SP Catheter is getting clogged up he had bad night last night. I will be calling the doctor to see if they can work him in to get his new catheter. He has appointment on Friday but i don't think he will make it. His finger is bad swollen and red.  He wants me to hold him but it hurts him so bad when i hold him. He told me he is tired of his boo boos he wants them to go away.
 I just wish I could take all his pain away.

Hear are some picture when we was at the zoo.

 Evans Paw paw got him the power wheel

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  1. I really hope Evan is feeling better! Thanks again for sharing the wonderful pictures. I love his new power wheel. We dont have that one here in Philadelphia. It's cool. Wishing you and Evan renewed strength each day!