Monday, September 3, 2012

Evans eye is still healing. Its looking good.

Evan has to go to UVA tomorrow to get his new catheter. He has been doing okay. I had to take him to the doctor on Friday he had sore that didn't look good. So Dr. B. did a culture on it. We should get the result tomorrow. I hope its nothing. He had a fever over the weekend. Today he seem okay no fever. He is breathing little hard. I been giving him breathing treatments. I hate when he breaths like this. If it keeps it up i will be taking him to Cincinnati to see the ENT doctor. His airway is already small don't want it to close up.
Evan starts school tomorrow he will miss his first day. But on Wednesday he will be there. I cant believe its time for school already. He will go 5 days week for 3 hours day. I hope he will like it. It will be good for him to being around kids his age.
I just want everyone to please pray that his graft will work on his eye. We go back in couple more weeks to see the eye doctor.


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