Sunday, May 5, 2013

 Evan outside. This is day 3 of his surgery.
He had his skin grafts done on is eye.
 Evan  in his Son of Digger outfit.
 Coming home from Cincinnati.
Getting ready to go back to the OR.
He is getting skin grafts done on his eye, and
his hip.
 Evan got new truck.
He was getting ready to have surgery.
 After Surgery.

 At N.C.
 Kids at home playing
The kids loved the beach.
Sorry about the pictures they didn't go on right..
Evan is doing good. He had surgery on April 29 for his skin grafts, and his airway to be check. They did his grafts on his eye, and his hip. We go back next week to get everything check. His airway has gotten worse. So I'm glade he has the trach now. The eye doctor had to look in his eyes. His eyes have  been close for week. When they looked in his eyes he had bad abrasion in his left eye..
When the people in N.C. read this we all said hi, and hope to be back soon. Evan loves his car. Thanks for everything.

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