Friday, November 22, 2013

 EB Awareness week


Where to start Evan has been doing okay for now. He is in school and loves it still.
In October Evan was admitted in the hospital. He had bad UTI and skin infection. He was on two IV antibiotics and on he had to take by mouth. He also had abrasion he had his eyes closed for 13 days. He missed 3 weeks of school while he was sick.
Then we had to go to Cincinnati to see his doctors. I was worried because he was getting so many skin infection. They really couldn't tell me why. Then we saw the skin graft doctor she said we cant do no more skin grafts because he hasn't heal for m the last one. they are going to try and use pig skin. We will go back to Cincinnati to try that after Christmas.
Evan had good Halloween he wore his costume and got a lot of candy.
Now we are getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. He has made his list for Santa. He keeps on telling me when is Santa coming.

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