Thursday, April 9, 2009

Evan is having a bad day to day he is getting new blister on him. I think it might be the heat it is getting warmer. His little buttock is really bad he don't like his diapers on him to day.

I haven't popped any blisters in a couple of days an today i have popped a couple. His noise looks so bad that ever time he hits it, it bleeds. I hate when he is like this because there is nothing i can do.

He might be getting more blister because he is rolling over all the time now he is ready to go. So I'm glad he is rolling over now I was getting scared that he wasn't going to roll over but he is doing good with it. But I no he will be okay I just keep on pray that he will be.

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  1. blahh..i hate hearing that he's gettin more blisters. Maybe this weekend Landon can come over and cheer him up! haha