Thursday, April 29, 2010

We went to the ENT doctor yesterday. It went good they are checking him for allergies, So i hope we will no something soon. His breathing hasn't been that good, he told me when he get really bad for me to bring him in and he can give him steroids for his breathing. I didn't know that. We are really worried about his noise he said for me to keep on what I'm doing. There is nothing they can do for his noise. I wish they could.
When we got done we went to eat lunch. We was eating and you know everyone was looking at Evan. I'm trying not to let that get to me but it is so hard. So anyway i had a nice lady came up to me. and she said did your son get bit by a dog, i said no i haven't heard of that one before and she just looked at me. Then i told her about Evan condition she said I'm so sorry. She was really nice, so i was nice. Then i had a guy come up to me and he asked me what happen to him, he said did he get burned i said no. Then i told him what Evan had. He was a preacher he asked me if he could pray for Evan and i said yes. He asked me if he could touch Evan's head i said yes but i said he might not like it because he don't like people. Will Evan let the preacher touch him and we prayed and Evan didn't cry at all. That was just amazing.

Hannah test came back and she is okay. It's not her liver or her pancreas. She is constipated so i have to get her clean out. So she is on milk of magnesia. I hope this helps. I just hope we can get her cleaned out and it dont happen again. She was in some pain. So thinks everyone for the prayers.

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  1. I am so happy to hear from you. I was getting a little worried. I feel so bad for little Evan. Hope he feels better. Will pray for that. I am glad to hear Hannah did not have anything real serious. That actually happened to my sister when she was little. I think she will be OK. I hope you have a good weekend and keep us posted. Love the pic. Continuing to pray!