Sunday, February 27, 2011

Evan is still having hard time peeing. It has been night mare. I took him to the doctor last Monday to fine out what was in his tube and get his skin look at around his tube. He said he didn't really no what was in his tube, so he had to do a urine culture to make sure he didn't have no infection. So Wed the doctor called me and said he had bacteria infection, they had to call Cincinnati to see what to do. So they said he need an IV antibiotics. So Thursday we went to Roanoke hospital and they started and IV. They check his urine and did some blood work. It showed he had bad infection and his blood work showed that his HMG is 8. So they called Cincinnati and they said not to transfusion him yet. IF he is peeing in his tube for them NOT to change it. They will do it when we go up there next Thursday. So Friday even they said that Evan should go home with an antibiotics. They didn't wont him in the hospital because the flu is so bad there. He don't need that.
So Friday night Evan did okay but he is still hurting. Saturday night he couldn't pee at all. I flushed him out a couple of times and he finally pee. But he has big piece of skin coming into his bag. I just cant believe the skin that's in his bag. He is still having hard time peeing. He is trying so hard to pee he has gas, so i no my little man is hurting really bad. I wish there was something else they can do, it hurts so bad to watch my child pee and he cant and there is nothing that i can do. I HATE EB.

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