Saturday, March 19, 2011

Evan is having hard time with his bowls. We are checking his stools to make sure he don't have no infection. He is hurting when he has bowls movement, he has a lot of gas to. He has a bowl movement 3-4 times a day, and its not hard either. So i don't whats going on.
Evans tube is still hurting him, but not as bad as it was. So thank god for that. He is peeing good. I think the medicine has helped out with that.
Evan eyes are still hurting him a lot. I got him some sunglasses to wear, and he wears them. But now he is getting blister behind his ears for the sunglasses.
Yesterday was so nice outside. So we played out there all day long. He had so much fun. I'm so ready for summer. But Evans body isn't. He is getting so many new blisters now, and i no its because the weather is getting warmer. He is getting hotter. Evan is getting blister from his bandages now. But he has to be wrapped up or we will have bigger problems. So i don't no what to do about that. I wont him to go outside now before it gets to hot and he cant. He loves it outside.
We go back to Cincninnati April 13 to change out his tube and get his eyes looked at.

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