Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Evan is still having problems with his bowls. All of his test came back okay. When we go back to Cincinnati April the GI doctor there is going to look and see whats going on. I hope its nothing. He is peeing good now. When we go back to Cincinnati in April Evan is getting lot done to him. They are going to check his eye, dental is going to go and look at his caps to make sure they are doing okay and he will get a cleaning done, they going to change out his catheter and the GI doctor is going to see why he hurting to have a bowl movement. His hip is getting really bad again. I cant get it to heal again. They was healing up really good. Evan is doing really good he up playing and we have been able to go outside and play. Let me tell you he loves it out there. This week it has been cold and nasty so we haven't been out much. I hope this summer it don't get to hot.

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