Thursday, December 1, 2011

Evan loves the train under the tree.

We had good Thanksgiving with the family. We went to my grandma's house. The weather was nice so the kids played outside. Evan was feeling good so that was good.

While the kids was home we decorate the Christmas tree. They did it all, and they did a good job. I didn't put everything out this year like i did last year.

Evan has been doing pretty good, he has had cold for awhile and bad cough. So i think I'm going to keep him out of school until the first of the year. To see if that helps. I hate to do it, but i don't wont him to stay sick either.

Evan is having surgery again next Tuesday. He is getting new catheter and then the ENT doctor is going to clean his noise and look in his airway. Evan also has something growing on his tongue so they are going to look at it to. I hope its nothing and everything will turn out okay. So if you read this please pray for good news.

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