Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Evan had to get another catheter put in yesterday. When they go in and take the old catheter out it is getting stuck to his skin and its tearing his skin. So we are going to try and see if we go and change his catheter out every two weeks. But we are going to have to do it while he is awake. We are going to do it in the OR and if he cant take they can put him to sleep. I hate this catheter he still hurts and still has hard time peeing. I just wish he could pee right. I hate to see him in so much pain.
His skin is looking really good. His noise is healing now if i can get his eye lids to heal his face would look great.
He is still going to school and he is doing so good with it. He don't cry when i leave him now. So that makes me feel so much better. He talks about school now, and he talks about his favorite teacher. He has to make sure she is there before i leave him.

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  1. Your little guy is adorable, his sisters look like they love him so much! Prayers for healing his way <3