Friday, February 3, 2012

Evan getting ready to go into the OR.

Evan did good today. He did get his new catheter. They call me to come and see him in the recovery room, so i got up there and he was sleeping. So i got his clothes so i could put it on him while he was a sleep, like i always do. When i was doing it he woke up and he wasn't right. So i just picked him up to hold him, and i told the nurse i said something is wrong. So we waited for a few and then she said I'm calling the doctors. Evan couldn't pee, i was scared. So finally the doctors came in, and they had to pull his catheter out some. OMG that hurt Evan so bad. His catheter was in to far and he couldn't pee. Then he was filling better i was so glade.

Evans blood is still low. They didn't give him no blood they are going to do it when we go back up there on the 20. I wish we could get his blood back up i think he would feel so much better.

I just wont to think everyone for there prayers and keep them coming. We need a cure for EB.

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