Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We went to Cincinnati to see the eye doctor. They said that they are going to try the skin grafts on his eye lids. They said it may not work. But we are going to pray that it works. Evan has lost most of his eye lids they said that we have to try this. We are going back in June for the surgery on his eye lids. We will also see the ENT and the Urology to.

Evan has had lot of problems going on now. But i no he is fighter and he is going to fight this. I just no i hate this illness. The illness is getting to my little man. His eyes, his airway and the urology problem. His skin looks good but he has a lot of other problems. So keep Evan in our prayers.

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  1. I am always so sad reading about everything Evan is going thru. I have been praying mightyly for him for God to lessen his pain. Are my prayers being answered?