Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello everyone we are ready for Christmas. We got our Christmas pictures taking yesterday, they will be in next week so i will put them on here. I hope my computer let's me, and i have a lot of picture to show everyone. Evan likes the tree he like to hit it so i had to put all the ornament's up high so he cant get them. We went and seen Santa today he didn't like Santa at all. We did get a picture but Evan was screaming.

Evan is still having a hard time peeing. We go back to the Urology Tuesday. I don't know what they going to do. But someone is going to do something I'm getting really upset because he is in some pain, and know one is doing nothing for him. I'm calling Cincinnati tomorrow and see what they say. He is in a lot of pain he is getting new blister and they wont heal at all, he don't wont to eat, he wont take his milk so I'm getting really scared now. So mommy going to get someone to do something for my son this week. If he don't eat he don't get his calories that he needs. So we are suppose to see the GI doctor Tuesday and we had to change it because he has to see the Urology Tuesday, so next Monday he see the GI doctor. So maybe they can do something for him. We got his labs back this week and his iron is still low i don't know why he take two kinds of Iron, and his Vitamin D is low. Now he take a Vitamin D supplements. All i do is give him medicate no wonder he wont eat.
He hasn't walk know more this week i guess he has been in to much pain with his penis. His legs haven't been that strong this week. But that's okay he don't need to walk because Mommy like to hold him.
I will try to get some picture of him if i cant get my computer to work.

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