Friday, December 18, 2009

We went to see the Pediatric Urology at UVA Tuesday. He was so nice he said that is going to do what he can do to help Evan pee with out pain. He is going to talk to the doctors in Cincinnati about what he wont's to do for him. Evan is suppose to have surgery in January on his penis, I'm so glade. But it is so scary to put him to sleep, but we have to do it. Evan still is having problems going to the bathroom. I called UVA to day about Evan. Evan hole closed up again and the Urology hear had to open it up again. He just did this two weeks ago today. When they do the surgery i hope it helps.
Evan still not eating like he should but what you do. He goes to the GI doctor Monday. Evan hasn't lost know weight.
I have some good picture of Evan i just cant get them on the computer. I don't know what wrong with the computer. Its probley just me.

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