Friday, December 4, 2009

Today i had to take Evan to the Urology he could not go to the bathroom. So he had to open his penis, if it happens again i have to do it everyday so it will stay open. I hate to do that but i guess i have to. He has to empty is bladder, or that will cause problems. So today he isn't feel the best.
He has not eating to day he hasn't had nothing to eat today he just wont eat. He is drink some milk so that's good.
Evan is having alot of sores on him now, he has one that just wont heal. I would think it's getting cold outside he wouldn't have so many sores on him. His toes are really bad again i cant get them to heal at all. I wish i could find some way to keep them heal. Every time he hits them they bleed. He just don't feel good today, he is laying around to day doing nothing. So we need to say a prayer for him to night.
When you see your son in pain what do you do, Evan is looking at me and he just cry and you cant do nothing for him. He is in so much pain. He is having a hard time going to the bathroom.
It is bad when he plays and his skin tears or when he is playing he hurts his self, and bleeds. It just so sad to see your son like this.

My mommy has a birthday tomorrow

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