Monday, January 25, 2010

Evan like the fireplace.
I don't have time on the computer to write nothing. Every time i get on something happens. Evan is doing okay. He is going back to the eye doctor tomorrow to get his eye check. I hope everything is okay, i hope he don't lose no vision. Evan isn't eating again, I'm worried about him but everyone says i just worrying to much. But that's what mommies do. Evan got his iron checked today and it was low still. So i don't know why that is. That really worries me. I no EB kids have low iron. He is on iron med everyday. He is walking still but i have notice that he is having some problems. His legs get stiff, and he haves a hard time walking. I don't know why that is. I still have to open his penis everyday, and let me tell you i hate that. He don't like it either. But i guess he has to pee. He is getting some new teeth in and they are all coming in bad. So we go to the dentist Thursday.

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