Saturday, January 9, 2010

My son makes me so happy, will all my kids make me so happy. Evan was in the floor watching the girls play on the floor. So i turn my head and Evan was right there with them. I was so scared that he was going to hurt his self. But you know what he didn't care if hurt him at all he had so much fun he was laughing. And it was so nice to see my kids having so much fun i love it. But you know Evan was on the floor playing he had blood on him i didn't no where it was coming from, but Evan didn't care. He just kept on playing. I looked at him and he done hit his ear, the skin just came right off. When i seen that i could have cry, my son having fun with his sisters and his skin comes off. That suck. So any way i got him to clean him up and to fix his ear. He was so mad at me he wont's to play with his sisters. I hate EB, we have to fine a cure.

Evan is walking now he is trying to run. He will run after his sister. I love it. I didn't think this day would have came and i love every min of it. I wish i could fine him some shoes i got him a pair and he don't like them.

Evan went to the doctor for his 15 months check up. Everything went go. Except for his shots.
He weighs 23 pounds he is 32 inches tall his head was 19. He gained a pound YES.

Evan is eating good now they but him on some new med so i guess that is helping. I'm so glade he is eating. His blood work came back and his iron is up where it should be and they other stuff in his blood work is all looking better. So I'm so glade. We like to hear good news.

So the prayers do help so everyone keep on praying for a cure.

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