Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Evan sleep all night last night yes i love it. This is the third night he has slept all night. Mommy is so happy i need my sleep.
Evan got up this morning and he could not pee, so i got his stuff and open his hole and then he pee in my face. Evan looked at me when he did and i know he was saying that's what you get mommy. Now he is peeing but it's still hurting him.
Evan is walking now. He is still having some problems but he goes. His right leg still not right there is something wrong with it. But he might be walking like that because of his toes.
We went to the Pulmonary doctor yesterday. He put Evan on Singuliar. He said that might help him with some of his breathing. The doctor is worried about his noise, he said that could be cause alot of his breathing to because he is breathing out of his mouth so much. So i guess we will have to take it day by day.

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