Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If it don't cool down we are going to go crazy. Evan wont's to go outside and play and he cant. He will look outside and watch his sister play and get so mad because he cant go out there. We did get to go outside yesterday even. It cool down some. Evan had so much fun, he didn't no what to do he was run everywhere. It was so good to see him like that. Evan was running after his sister and he fell and the skin on his knee was gone. So we had to go back inside and fix it. His legs was looking so good. Hannah came in to check on her brother she said I'm so sorry Evan next time we will walk. That was so sweet.
I wont to take him to the zoo. So i hope it cools down. I wont fall to get hear so bad. So Evan can get out and have some fun.

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  1. I can only imagine! I hope the weather gets better over here to because it's way to hot for even us to be out there. I actually created a post on EB friends in regards to boys with EB having that problem. They mentioned the steroid cream which you are aware of and someone said you may want to talk/contact Shannon, Dillons mom about it because her son was having the same issues. Hope he is feeling better and a solution is found soon. Please keep us posted.