Monday, July 12, 2010

We aren't having a good week and it's only Monday. Evan got up around 7:00 and he was cry screaming, he couldn't pee. So i had to get the stuff together and open his hole up. He just had surgery July 1 they open him up. They have to do something else he cant keep on like this. Anyway i got him back to sleep and he is sleep so good.
Evan isn't eating again he didn't eat nothing yesterday and the day before.
His skin is looking bad and is getting more blister on him. So i don't no whats going on with I'm. His toes are giving him a hard time to. I don't what to do with his toes. He don't like the shoes on and when he has to wear them they are hurting his toes and causing more problems.
We got his blood work back he is still anemic, his VITM. D is low again.

We had a good weekend I took Evan to the lake Saturday morning to get him out of the house. He had so much fun, we just walked around. We meet some friends up there and just had a good time. Then Sunday Evan stayed with my mom she keep him so me and the girls could do some stuff. So we went to my cousin and we went to the lake and the girls had so much fun. So did I. I was so glade to get out of the house and see other people and have a good time with my girls. The only time i get out is to go to the doctors or to the store. What fun is that.

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