Monday, December 6, 2010

Evan had surgery Thursday he did good. I just didn't like what they told me. The inside of his penis was so raw he had skin hang in there. That's why he couldn't pee. So they had to put a Suprapubic Catheter in. So now he has to get use to the bag on his side. Evan is still in some pain where they cute him. Yesterday he couldn't walk or stand. He just cry and cry and you can tell he was in some pain. I told him he needs to go to sleep that he will feel better so i got him to sleep and slept for 4hours. When he got up he was still in pain so i gave him some more pain medicine. That helps some.
Today he is doing better, he is walking and playing. I took him to the doctor to make sure everything was okay. The check his urine to make sure he didn't have no infection. Everything looked good. So i was so glade.
So now everything is going to change i have to watch to make sure he don't pull on the bag. I have to keep the bag on the outside of his paints so it wont tear up his leg. His legs look so good i don't wont to tear them up. His skin looks so good. He still not eating. He just don't care for food now.
We are going back to Cincinnati in Januray to check his airway again and see what they are going to do with the Catheter. So we need prayer for him.

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