Friday, December 31, 2010

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I no we did. Evan was feeling good. He got up Christmas morning around 6:00, and he went into the living room and seen all the present. He said i wont to open. I told him he had to wait for Chy and Hannah to get up. He went to the steps and yelled at the girls to get up. It was so funny. So they got up and, and they ran into the living room to start opening presents. This was the best Christmas ever. The kids got so much stuff they didn't no what to play with first. I wont to tell everyone thanks so much for everything they did for me and my kids for Christmas.

The next day Evan wasn't feeling good he had bad cough and he just looked bad. So i new he was getting sick. So that was so upsetting. He cant go a week now or he is sick. it sucks. So i took him to the doctor and he had bad cold. Then his eyes starting to act up. So now he has corneal abrasion. I hate them things they aren't no fun.

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