Thursday, December 16, 2010

It has been crazy hear Evan has been sick and everything has happen. On December 8 I had to take Evan to UVA hospital, he couldn't pee. Evan has catheter and he still couldn't pee so i new there was something wrong. It was the catheter had skin in there blocking him to pee. So the next day Evan had surgery to fix the problem, Well thing didn't go the way they was suppose to they had to put a new one in. So they had to cute him again and to it all over again. I felt so bad for Evan. After surgery he wasn't acting right at all he got sick had small fever. So the next day he was okay but not Evan. We got to come home. That night Evan got sick he couldn't stop vomiting. So Saturday he was still sick and he was vomiting and had a fever. Saturday night he was felling better i thought. Saturday after he went to bed he got up he had fever and he started to vomit again. So Sunday i called my mom and told her i was taking him to the ER. I had to get my girls ready for church and then me and Evan went to the ER. They took him to another hospital in Roanoke. We got to Roanoke, they had to check his weight and he had lost 2 pounds, i thought i was going to die. I told them that he had lost some weight. So they check his stools and his blood work. His blood work came back and his blood wasn't good at all. So they called Cincinnati and talk to one of Evans doctor. So they could get better understand with his EB. So they started and IV, and he need to get some nutrition to. They gave him some nutrition. They rest of his test finally came back and Evan had the Rota virus. I said what is that so they told me. So we stay at the hospital for a couple of days. Evan start to feel better he stop the vomiting and no more fever. so on December 14 we got to go home and Evan is doing okay. Evan still not eat, we are trying to keep fluids in him. So tomorrow he has to see his doctor to make sure he don't lose no more weight. So we still need prayer for him.

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  1. Praying for Evan and trusting God for his healing. In Jesus' Name.