Friday, June 10, 2011

The heat is bad. Evan skin is so bad right now, and its from the heat. He has been inside now for two days. Its so hard to keep him in when he sees his sister out there playing. It sucks. I hate to tell him no that he cant go outside, that is his favorite place to be.

The doctor has Evan on Cipro for his UTI, and his skin infection. His ankles are still hurting him so bad.

We are leaving in the morning to go to the beach for a week. I hope Evan likes it. I'm going to put him in the ocean and i hope the salt water helps his sores. I'm going to take him down early in the morning, so the heat wont be so bad on him. My girls are so happy they cant wait. We haven't been no where in years.

Evan still not eating like he should. But he is still drink his pedisure.

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