Friday, October 28, 2011

Chy Evan Hannah

Me and the kids carved pumpkins last night. Evan didn't like the stuff inside of it. So me and the girls cleaned and carved the pumpkins. When we was done Evan love the pumpkins.

Evan has been doing okay. He is having surgery on Tuesday he is getting new catheter again. I hope it makes it until Tuesday. He is having hard time with it right now its getting clogged up and he has UTI.

EB awareness is this week and we need a cure for EB.

This is why we need a cure. I have to watch my son cry to pee, or i have to watch him scream when he has bowl movement. I just hate it. Or when i take his diaper off it is stuck and i tear is skin. Or when i take his bandages off they are stuck and i tear his skin again. Or when i put him in the bath all he does is scream. There is so much that he deals with he stay in pain all day long. Its not far. I pray everyday for a cure for EB.

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